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Which Type Of Face Mask Is Best For You

Anek Handicraft January 15, 2021 0 comments

The virus has ravaged the entire globe. And we have managed to keep it at bay by observing the necessary precautions such as wearing several different types of face masks and regular washing of hands.

The virus gets transmitted through contaminated surfaces and airdrops. Hence, it has become essential to avoid touching surfaces and breathing air directly from the surroundings. With the emergence of a new strain of virus even wearing face masks that are safe has become most essential.

In late 2020, a new virus variant emerged in different parts of the world and has proven to be more contagious than the predecessor. Without a cure yet, all you can do is gear up and observe the health-protective guidelines effectively to avoid contracting the disease. For this reason, the need to wear a mask in public has risen. And you need to know which one is more effective and how you chose the best from the vendors.

Let’s find it out in the read ahead!

Types Of Face Masks Available In The Market

There are numerous types of face masks available in the market. They are made of different materials and technologies seeking to protect you from inhaling contaminated air.

Some of the most common types of face masks include:

  • Surgical masks
  • Home-made and commercial cloth masks
  • Vented masked
  • Cone-style masks
  • Best Quality Mask

Of all the above, surgical masks and the respirators such as the Surgical masks are the most recommended ones. Because they can filter the air and prevent the spread of germs from one person to another.

As masks have become our essential need nowadays, it is important to not only take care of your safety but to incorporate fashion statements also. We now need something that has all the qualities that Vented masked possesses along with the design and style added to it.

How Different Are Anek Face Masks From Others In The Market?

Anek has the types of face masks which contain four layers, unlike the rest, which are three or two-ply. They encompass an eco-friendly pouch, unlike others that have plastic paper packaging.

The answers given ahead will further clear your doubts.

Get Your Questions Answered!

Q.1. What is the purpose of the carbon filter layer?

The types of face masks with carbon filter layers remove bacteria, allergens, smoke, chemicals, and mold from the air. Also, it absorbs particles from the other layers of the mask.

Q. 2. What role does ply perform?

Plies perform different roles, from absorbing to filtering impurities such as dust, mold, and viruses in the air.

Q.3. How many fabric masks are available at Anek Handcrafts?

Three types of face masks are available which are as follows:

  • Jute masks

Jute cotton masks are very effective for prevention against respiratory illnesses such as virus. The material is soft, therefore, tender to your skin around the mouth and the nose. The masks come in different colors, so you get to choose your favorite or the one that matches your outfits. Besides this, the Anek jute masks come as a package of four pieces in a pouch with a wooden button or Velcro closure to secure the pieces.

  • Linen masks

Anek Handcrafts offer you the best types of face masks made of Khadi linen. They come as a package of four pieces in different colors and a pouch with either a Velcro or wooden button closure. Linen masks are the best since they have neutral colors to match men’s official suits and brilliant ones for ladies. They have a brand logo, which makes them unique and stylish.

  • Hand-painted masks

Yes, you read that right. Anek makes hand-painted four-ply masks. The linens are highly breathable. Additionally, they come in a securable jute cotton pouch. The linen masks have a unique design to fit snugly without leaving any gaps on the sides and the top. For this reason, you can rest assured that you are breathing filtered air. And that keeps you safe from aerosol impurities. These types of face masks have layers of cotton, a protective net, a carbon filter, and the outermost 100% pure linen. If you love miniature art, you should get this type featuring Rajasthani art.

Q.4. Why should you choose Anek’s face mask?

It’s obvious Anek masks are more protective than most products in the market and come in a systematic and organizable pouch.

Anek Handcrafts – Crafting Art For Safe Style

When it comes to masks, Anek Handcrafts takes stringent measures. We ensure the end product is protective enough against any virus or germs for that matter. We pay attention to safety and hygiene as much as art, beauty, and style.

All types of face masks you buy from us are a perfect combination of art and safety. It does not compromise on material quality as well as the complete make.

What’s more, our masks are soft on the skin and do not irritate even when you wear them for a long period of time.  Try one of our face masks and feel the difference!

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