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Top 10 Brands To Buy Punjabi Juttis Online

Anek Handicraft March 4, 2021 0 comments

If you are someone who loves to try new varieties of footwear then here we introduce the newest trend to you and that trend is nothing but our beloved handmade Juttis. There are numerous varieties of Punjabi juttis online and in the market but there is nothing that matches the grace and elegance of Juttis for women. 

The best thing about Juttis is they can be styled with both traditional and western outfits as they are available in different variants such as Simple Juttis, Party-wear Juttis, Handcrafted Juttis, Denim Juttis, Printed Juttis, Leather Juttis, Vegan Juttis, and many more. If you are impressed with this latest footwear trend as much as we are and are thinking about buying Punjabi Juttis Online, then here are the top 10 brands. In no particular order, of course, you definitely should consider…

1. Needlelust

Needelust is undoubtedly the best brand when it comes to purchasing Juttis for women online. The collection of Needlelust is quite impressive as they offer a variety of Juttis representing various art forms. The popularity of this brand can be judged by the fact that many celebrities can be seen wearing Juttis from this brand. 

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2. Anek Handicraft

Punjabi Juttis Online

Anek Handcrafts is one of the best players of Punjabi Juttis for women. Here at this brand, you will get a plethora of options of Jutti designs suitable for various events. The good thing about buying Juttis from Anek is that each Jutti available here is handcrafted to perfection, keeping the authenticity and essence of traditional Punjabi Juttis intact. One thing that makes Anek Handcrafts better than the rest is its budget-friendly collection. 

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3. Coral Haze

If you are sick of foot sores and looking for reliable options of Punjabi Juttis online then Coral Haze is the right brand for you. Here at this brand, you will get a wide collection of Jutti shoes that is highly fashionable yet comfortable for long hours. The Jutti collection of Coral Haze is quite impressive as it offers options ranging from traditional, formal, floral, to wedding-related.  

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4. Fizzy Goblet

Fizzy Goblet is one of the most popular brands for buying Punjabi Juttis Online. This brand is known for its vivid collection of Handcrafted Juttis which are suitable for people of different ages. Not just Juttis, but Fizzy Goblet also deals in Loafers, Slip Ons, and Sneakers. 

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5. Jutti Choo

Casual juttis

Jutti Choo is one of the most anticipated brands of Punjabi Juttis, loved by top celebrities. Their collection of traditional handcrafted Juttis is something that sets them apart from the rest. Jutti Choo perfectly blends the rich Punjabi culture, comfort, and royalty in their collection. 

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6. House of Vian 

If you are looking for an exquisite collection of Punjabi Juttis Online that represents modern trends while holding the traditional roots then House of Vian is something not to miss. This brand has an outstanding collection of handcrafted Punjabi Juttis that will easily put you amongst fashion elites. 

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7. Pastel and Pops  

Modern Juttis

If you are looking for a collection of cool and traditional Punjabi Juttis Online then you must choose the popular brand Pastel and Pops. This is a well-known brand for the modern-day Jutti collection for Women, Men, and Kids. 

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8. Jutti Gram 

If you truly love buying Punjabi Juttis online then you can never resist the collection of Jutti Gram. This brand perfectly captures the essence of traditional Punjabi Juttis and presents a collection to you that is rich, vibrant, and perfect to make anyone look glamorous. 

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9. Purely Lush 

Traditional Juttis Online

Purely Lush brings you a collection of traditionally handcrafted Punjabi Juttis which are an ode to Local Artisans. They provide durable and comfortable Juttis for women that are 100% hand-stitched. 

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10. The Desi Darzi 

Lastly, the Desi Darzi is another leading brand that deals in a distinguished range of Punjabi Juttis Online. Here, you will get different varieties of Juttis ranging in attractive colors, prints, embroidery, and patterns. 

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