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Stylish Reusable Face Masks To Make A Fashion Statement

Anek Handicraft May 6, 2021 0 comments

Since the advent of the Coronavirus in 2020, our lives have drastically learned to adapt to the new norm. Who would have ever thought that face masks were going to be a part of our lives? And stylish face mask would be our go-to for any event. 

As we know, face masks are here to stay. And we have learned to embrace them. Even fashion houses have taken the initiative to add a fashionable and stylish face mask to their collection. Some are even selling non-medical face masks to consumers to donate medical ones to front-line workers. 

Therefore, you can look great wearing your face mask and at the same time help society for a good cause. 

What Type Of Face Masks Should Be Chosen?

Wearing facemasks in public places is one way to keep safe. The WHO recommends the use of medical face masks for frontline workers who are interacting directly with COVID patients. Therefore, to reduce the pressing demand for these masks, reusable face masks have been recommended. These have proven to be more impactful along with being breathable.  

Why should you choose them? Firstly they are reusable (of course), so you can use them frequently. But it is vital to wash them after wearing them once. Secondly, most of them are durable since they are made from quality materials like cotton. Also, getting the chance to reuse them will save you a fortune as compared to using disposable ones. Finally, a reusable stylish face mask is less harmful to the environment. 

Best Stylish Face Masks To Make A Fashion Statement

Facemasks are now part of fashion and trends. Hence, choose the one which best suits your style while still keeping you protected. Here is a look at some of the best stylish face mask you can wear – even in summer. 

1. Stylish Face Masks For Summer

Summer can be the worst season to wear a face mask. However, we should still wear masks to keep us protected against the disease. Thus, choose one that is breathable, aesthetically appealing, and lightweight. 

Pure Khadi Linen Mask Combo with Jute Cotton pouch has all those features plus more. Also, these handmade facemasks come with a jute pouch that will keep the mask safe. Furthermore, it has a carbon filter layer that serves as an extra layer of protection. Besides, it has soft ear loops that can be customized for comfort. Choose any colorful stylish face mask combo from this collection and experience comfort with any outfit. 

2. Hand-Painted Facemasks

There is no better way of expressing your stylish and creative side than a hand-painted facemask.  Anek Handocraft’s facemasks are a work of art achieved by professional artists. The jute pouch is also painted but still offers the same level of protection. At a discounted rate,  Anek’s stylish face mask collection has reusable, durable, and washable masks for you. 

3. Handmade face masks

There are a lot of tutorials about making a stylish face mask on your own. Anek Handicraft has a variety of handmade face masks that are of top quality. They offer better protection than others. Get these reusable, durable, and washable masks for you and your family today. 

4. Jute Face Masks

Anek Handicraft has a passion for creating a highly breathable and protective stylish face mask for everyone. Apart from the Khadi Linen, the Jute fabric is soft to the skin and is available in many colors. Anek has a stylish face mask made for everyone. The Jute facemasks come with a jute pouch that keeps the masks safe and organized. 

Anek Handicraft – Premium Collection Of Handicraft Items 

Anek Handicraft offers superior quality handmade products that whisper elegance, purity, quality, durability, and health. Each of our reusable face masks is designed to provide you with utmost comfort at any time anyplace. 

If you ask which is the best handmade face mask you should choose, Khadi is our recommended choice. The material is lightweight and the best option when it comes to wearing face masks in the scorching heat of summer. It is 100% natural, skin-friendly and perfect for Indian weather conditions. 

Plus, it gives the wearer a cool and comfortable experience. And it involves no chemicals in manufacturing. What’s more? You get the Khadi face masks at Anek Handicraft at the best discounts! 

So, go ahead and make a fashion statement with your stylish face mask by Anek today! 

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