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Experience Blissful Journaling With Handmade Diaries!

Anek Handicraft May 17, 2021 0 comments

Journalling is one of those activities which have grown in some of us since our childhood. There is something about penning down our deepest thoughts that is exhilarating. Ranging from the good and the ugly, journalling gives you a form of escapism. And what more could be better than a handmade paper diary to use as a journal?

However, the advent of technology has slowly been overwriting. Many people are already intertwined with their smartphones. There are a lot of pros of using several writing apps but putting it down on paper is arguably the best way to express and focus on your thoughts. 

Did you know that it also boosts your immune system? Yes, journaling has numerous health benefits to your well-being. It helps you unwind stress, anxiety, depression and boosts your memory. 

A handmade paper diary is a way to go if you are looking to be more interactive with your thoughts and emotions. 

Reasons To Use Handmade Paper Diary 

You might believe it or not but handmade paper diaries have seen an upsurge in sales for the past couple of years. So, maybe it’s true a lot of people love writing the old school way. Anek Handicraft is one of the most reliable online handmade items stores where you can get a variety of handmade diaries for everyone. They practically have them depending on your personality, hobby, or work. If you want to join the bandwagon, here are a few reasons why you should be using a handmade paper diary. 

1. Environmentally friendly

You might be thinking that going digital will help save the trees, but did you know that some handmade paper diaries are eco-friendly? Yes, paper can be used sustainably. Anek Handicraft has made sure that the environment is put first while making each and every handmade paper diary. You can find a variety of eco-friendly products such as vegan diaries, leather diaries, and journals that are available in amazing patterns. 

Some of the most popular include:

Vegan Handmade Journals

You can pen down all your day-to-day activities, thoughts, feelings, and even recipes. 

2. Available for everyone

Journalling is meant to be enjoyed by everyone no matter the age. You can get several varieties of journals for your family starting with you. And then get something for your kids. You can use the everyday journals to write down your daily activities and momentos. For instance, the Love- Handmade Paper diary with Teal Green Leather cover and crystals is a popular choice and can be used by anyone. For the kids, you can opt for the Commonplace journals that are similar to school notebooks. They can note down all their school activities and lessons for each day. The Sparkly Smiley Dairy is a great option for children. 

Handmade Paper Diary

3. Many options available

Anek Handicraft has several varieties of handmade paper diaries depending on your preference such as Leather journals or Vegan Diaries. You can go for a plain-looking one or one with a fun print, etc. The best part is that they are all eco-friendly products. 

4. A journal for every purpose

Can you imagine having only one journal for all your activities? It can be very overwhelming having to track down your activities and differentiating them. However, Anek Handicraft has got you covered. We have five types of journals to keep you organized. 

For instance, we have a garden journal such as the Maple Leaf Diary with Lavender Leather cover and crystals to record all information about your garden. 

Handcrafted Diary Journals

Also, we have a recipe book to keep a collection of your favorite recipes. The Yellow Printed Vegan Diary is a good example. Other varieties of journals include Everyday Journal, Pet Journal to record your pet’s milestones, and a Commonplace Journal.

Anek Handicraft – A Perfect Place To Buy Diaries Online 

Anek Handicraft is not a mere company or brand. We are a community that supports the best quality and sustainable handicraft products online at the best price. Each handmade product you purchase from our site provides a livelihood to someone in rural India.

Whether you are looking for a handmade paper diary decorated with pure Swarovski crystals or artistically printed diaries like this one bought by one of our happy clients, we have it all. 

Browse through our versatile collection of handmade paper diaries online made for people of every age. 

Capture your most beautiful moments forever and experience blissful journaling!    

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