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How Anek’s Khadi Linen Face Mask Is A Bang On This Summer Season?

Anek Handicraft July 15, 2021 0 comments

The Covid-19 pandemic had a lot of negative impacts on our daily lifestyles. However, the world is trying to get back to some normalcy and there are fewer restrictions. But governments are advising that we keep social distance and wear face masks, especially in public places. And here’s where reusable face masks come in handy. 

Face masks have proven to be quite effective in containing the spread of the Coronavirus. Disposable masks have become the go-to facemasks that many people opt for but there is a better option; reusable face masks. Despite the criticism and uncertainty that revolves around the latter, they are a better option than disposable ones. 

So why should you opt for reusable face masks? Firstly, disposable face masks are becoming a nuisance to the environment. They are destroying marine life in oceans since they are not biodegradable. 

Also, the WHO recommends that only health workers and those in the front line should be the ones to use the disposable ones since they are short in supply. 

Reusable face masks are a great choice since they will save on costs. They are available in a wide array of colours and patterns. 

Why Anek’s Reusable Face Masks Are The Best Bet For You?

Getting the right reusable face mask is easier said than done since you have to choose one that is breathable yet keeps you safe. Summer days are here, and it is more crucial to choose a face mask that can withstand the humid weather. 

At Anek Handicraft, we have the right reusable face mask for you in summer. We have stylish face masks which are made from Pure Khadi Linen. If you don’t know about this cloth face mask material, then you should know that it is woven by hand. It is a very light and soft material that makes it a great fit for facemasks, especially in summer. 

Here are a few convincing reasons why you should purchase Pure Khadi Linen facemask:

1. 4 Layered Face Masks

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have become more cautious about the type of face masks we have. Did you know that one with three layers and above is the best option when you are out in public? At Anek Handicraft, we make this a priority in all our reusable face masks which have four layers. These successfully filter bacteria and viruses with the help of the carbon filter layer in them. 

4 Layered Face Masks

2. Breathable Face Mask

A good facemask will make sure that air is flowing and safety goes hand in hand. At Anek Handicraft, the Pure Khadi Linen cloth face mask material is light and soft thus air is flowing freely. Also during the summer, the breathable face mask dries out quickly when you sweat. 

3. Cool For The Summer

Wearing facemasks during the summer is as essential as having a pair of sunglasses. The rise in humidity and temperatures will require you to choose a reusable face mask that is comfortable on your face and you can keep all day long. The reusable masks are made from Pure Khadi Linen material that will not make you sweat out, but rather keep you cool. 

4. Lightweight

The fibers of the Pure Khadi Linen are very lightweight and soft thus they will prevent any heat from collecting around your face. This allows easy flow of air. This makes a face mask light in weight. 

5. Colourful Options 

There is no better way of welcoming the summer than with beautiful reusable face masks. At Anek Handicraft, we have some vibrant colors such as baby pink, blue, green, and purple which come in packs of four. 

Reusable Face Masks

6. Cloth Face Mask

The idea of using cloth facemasks is because they are reusable. Also, they are eco-friendly and they will help you from coming in contact with the virus. These are also stylish face masks that offer safety, comfort, and softness. 

7. Washable

The Khadi Linen fabric is 100% purely hand woven which means it can be washed. You can pop them in hot water and hand wash them.  

Handmade Face Masks Online At Anek Handicraft

There are a lot of stylish reusable face masks available at Anek Handicraft. The best part is that they are handwoven which gives them an extra edge. 

You can order the face masks online and you will be sure that we will deliver premium quality that provides style, comfort, and safety.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some cool and stylish reusable face masks today! 

Let your stylish self out in the most stylish colorful handmade Pure Khadi Linen Facemasks by Anek Handicraft! 

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