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Jute Cotton Mask with Jute Cotton Pouch – Wooden button closure


  1. 3-layered Jute cotton mask will provide better protection for you than an ordinary single or double-layered masks.
  2. Jute pouch will be useful you keep your masks organized, handy, and free from dust.
  3. The high breathability of the material ensures the exchange of fresh air.
  4. Jute is also known as the Golden fabric & its cross-linked yarn fiber makes it suitable for micro filtration.
  5. Ear loops are gentle on your ears and feel comfortable.
  6. Biodegradable, reusable, washable, and durable.
  7. For individual use, do not share.
  8. Colors may vary slightly from the picture.
  9. Care: Gentle hand wash only
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The collection of fine Jute Cotton 3-ply reusable unisex face mask contains 4 facemasks along with a Jute Cotton pouch. These are made with a Jute Cotton base and come in 2 sizes.

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Weight 65 g

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