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Cotton Mask with Jute cotton pouch – Wooden button closure

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  1. 4 layered Cotton blend masks will provide better protection for you than ordinary single or double-layered masks.
  2. These provide a perfect fit for the face and covers without top or side gaps.
  3. The Jute pouch will be useful you keep your masks organized, handy, and free from dust.
  4. The high breathability of the cotton face mask material ensures the exchange of fresh air.
  5. The carbon filter layer provides added protection.
  6. Ear loops are gentle on your ears and feel comfortable.
  7. Reusable, washable, and durable face masks.
  8. For individual use, do not share.
  9. Colors may vary slightly from the picture.
  10. Care instructions: Gentle hand washes only.

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Featuring 4 colorful face masks with 4 layers of protection. The reusable unisex mask is in a Cotton blend base & comes with a Jute cotton pouch.

Weight 70 g

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