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Explore Mask And Jutti Combos – A Guide To Perfect Office Outfit

Anek Handicraft August 5, 2021 0 comments

Our clothes say a lot about us even before we speak. We can have the right attitude but if our apparel does not look presentable then we are unable to be productive. It is paramount to look presentable at work by wearing the correct office outfits. You don’t have to burn your pocket for the right clothes. But, you do need to ensure they are presentable and this includes the shoes. 

Punjabi juttis have found their way in the office despite them having a reputation in the informal scene. However, you need to dress them accordingly with the right office outfits. 

As economies are trying to open, people are getting back to work. Everyone is finding it hard to make face masks a cohesive part of their outfits. Matching our clothes with a facemask has become the latest trend that is worth trying. 

This article shows you how to match Punjabi Juttis with handmade face masks with your office outfits.

How To Match Punjabi Juttis & Facemasks With Office Outfits?

Wearing face masks at work might not be the most comfortable thing to do, but you can always find the right ones for yourself. Plus, they will surely have ways to keep you safe. Here are a few Punjabi Jutti & Facemasks picks that can be a great idea for you: 

1. Go Monochrome

A monochromatic office outfit is the easiest yet stylish way to start any day. Even when you’re in doubt.  The trick is to find the right pieces. For instance, you can start with black which is one of the easiest colors to pull off. You can go for some black pants, a white turtleneck, a black blazer, and a white face mask. In this case, you can opt for black and white embroidered Punjabi juttis to complement the overall look. On other occasions, you can opt for other colors such as brights or neutrals. Take a look at this pair of Leather Juttis. 

Monochrome Look For Office

2. Match The Prints

Currently wearing prints at work is in trend. You just need to learn how to wear them correctly. Most Punjabi juttis are printed. Pairing them with office outfits should not be a problem. The trick is to wear a neutral with prints for instance a printed floral shirt, a white skirt with matching printed Punjabi Juttis. And try opting for a handmade face mask because you get a lot of colors and patterns. The prints on the facemask should go with the Juttis so that they can be the focal point of your outfit. 

Best Accessories For Office Outfits

3. Keep It Subtle

If you are not a fan of matching then you can play it safe with a more subdued handmade face mask. For instance, you can match printed floral Punjabi juttis with a muted cloth fabric face mask. The print might not be matching but rest assured they have the same color palette to keep the whole outfit flowing. 

Masks & Juttis For Office

4. Mix & Match Different Prints

You have to be very confident when pulling this off because you need to embrace color clashing. In this case, you need your brightest face mask (you can buy a variety of face masks online) with a monochrome polka dot shirt, a neutral skirt or pants, and patterned or embroidered Punjabi juttis. The monochrome shirt will offset the shoes and the handmade face mask to stand out. 

Floral Office Outfits

5. Go Neutral

It doesn’t hurt to keep things on the low with a basic colored handmade face mask. Most Punjabi juttis are embroidered and are full of color. You can choose to tone down your look and wear a simple black, white, or beige face mask with designer handmade shoes in India. The best part is that you can wear these neutral face masks with any office outfit.


For Neutral Office Outfits

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