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Living Room Cushion Ideas – Add An Extra Layer Of Style & Comfort

Anek Handicraft July 8, 2021 0 comments

They say that home is where the heart is, and home is the living room. This is the one space where you can relax, indulge and entertain your guests. It is the one place where you have your downtime without any worries. However, a lot of homeowners overlook the need to decorate the living room. Most people will toss items that don’t match and recklessly place them in this space. If you are looking to change your living room decor then you don’t have to take the daunting task of repainting, refurbishing, and remodeling the entire space. You can do a lot by just adding living room cushions.

They have the magic to spruce up any space and make all the elements in the space blend which can have a lasting impression on your visitors.  Also, they make it feel cozy and comfortable. 

However, you need to choose the right ones for them to work. At Anek Handicraft, we have some stylish living room cushion covers which will make your space stand out.  Here is a look at some of them: 

1. Floral Cushion Covers 

You can spruce up your living room decor by adding floral aesthetics or floral cushion covers. They have been digitally printed with beautiful florals on one side and plain color on the other side. The floral pattern will make you nostalgic about spring and beautiful sunny days. If you choose these living room cushions then opt for bright colors such as blue, yellow, and red in other elements for a vibrant look. 

2. Satin Silk Printed Cushion Covers

How would you like to add a touch of royalty to your space? You can easily do this by adding these particular Satin Silk living room cushion covers. They are not only elegant but they add texture and a smooth finish to your living area. Also, they are versatile making them good for the summer and winter. 

Printed Cushion Covers

3. Grey Satin/Silk Living Room Cushions

Using these particular living room cushion covers is a good idea because of their versatile color. Grey is one of the best colors you can choose for your living room. It not only has a calming effect but you can also build other elements around it. The Grey satin/silk cushions can be used together with bright colors or neutrals. The choice is up to you! 

Satin/Silk Cushion Covers For Living Room

4. Satin/Silk Geometric Golden Cushion Covers 

In the past gold was associated with wealth, luxury, and respectability. However, it can be implemented in modern-day designs to achieve different styles from minimalism to contemporary. Gold living room cushions can work great with warm colors such as grey and even pink. The idea is to use them subtly and with caution to avoid clutter in the space. 

5. Line Print Cushion Covers

Geometric patterns are trending in the decor industry although they have been around for a while. The Line Print living room cushions can complement any style either a traditional look to a complimentary one and anything in between. They can be the focal point of the space especially in bright colors or you can keep it elegant by using subtle colors.

Designer Cushion Covers

6. Printed Cotton Living Room Cushions

Add beautiful prints to spruce up your cushions, sofa set, and the overall ambiance of the living room. The Printed Cotton cushion covers by Anek have two different sets of prints on each side which will reflect different looks and feel. You can never go wrong with these as blend perfectly with your overall home decor. 

Living Room Cushions

7. Tie-dye Pattern Cushion Cover

This living room cushion cover is made from velvet which can give your space a touch of class and luxury. If you have a neutral color scheme then velvet cushions will add a touch of color without overwhelming the space. Also, they become the focal point of the living room being of such a unique design. 

Tie Dye Unique Cushion Covers

Anek Handicraft – Find Living Room Cushions Of Your Choice 

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We make cushion covers of premium quality D’Decor fabric material and craftsmanship. 

Now you know the secret to effortlessly style your living space, So, get decorating by purchasing the D’Decor fabric cushion covers only from Anek Handicraft. Click to browse through our cushion covers collection. 

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