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Face Masks: Your Most Asked Queries Solved!

Anek Handicraft August 20, 2021 0 comments

As life is slowly getting back to normal, face masks have become part and parcel of our lives. They are one of the sure-fire ways we can stop the spread of Covid-19, particularly when other variants such as SARS- COV2 and Covid Delta have arisen. They have become mandatory especially in situations where social distancing cannot be avoided. 

But the other side of the new health trend reveals that face masks can take a toll on you. And getting used to having them all the time can be a bit frustrating. Itching around the ears, uncomfortable breathing, and even skin problems are all issues that we have to deal with while wearing them. In this article, we get to debunk all the common problems which you might have about them and some great solutions to get you through the day. 

FAQs On Face Masks & Their Solutions

1. Do I need to wear a face mask even after getting vaccinated?

There have been a lot of misconceptions about wearing face masks even after getting the Covid-19 vaccine. With so many governments lessening the need, it is still vital to wear one. Even if you have received a full vaccination, you are still at risk of getting the virus, especially with the new variants arising. Wearing a face mask is the only way that you can keep yourself and others, especially those unvaccinated, safe. 

2. What is the right kind of mask to use? 

The material of your face mask will determine how long you can keep it on. There are different types of masks that are categorized into two classes: health workers’ masks and non-health workers’ masks. Health workers are in the first line of defense thus they use N95 respirators and surgical masks. According to WHO these are in short supply. So, they are only recommended for healthcare workers. On the other hand, non-health workers can use cloth facemasks or even handmade facemasks which are as effective. 

Face Masks With Earloops

3. Why do face masks cause ear irritation?

Now that we wear face masks daily, they can be quite uncomfortable, especially around the ears. Irritation can appear in many forms: breakouts, injuries, and raw skin. However, there are a few ways you can try and minimize the pressure and irritation. For instance, you can include your ears in your skincare routine which you can start by moisturizing. But the best solution is to look for a mask that fits correctly. You can make reusable facemasks that fit perfectly around the ears to make you feel comfortable. You can even go for facemasks with earloops that are adjustable. 

4. Should kids put on masks?

If you have a kid under two years old then the answer is no. They should be worn by a person who can be able to freely remove them when they are uncomfortable and babies can’t do that. Also, face masks can be choking hazards for them. The best thing you can do is to keep your baby from crowded areas. However, if you have to go out, keep them covered with a breathable fabric to avoid them getting the virus. For older kids, you should get breathable facemasks with multiple layers that do not interfere with their breathing. Anek Handicraft offers kid-friendly handmade facemasks that are four layered with a jute pouch to keep dirt and germs at bay. 

Face Masks For Kids

5. Why do my glasses keep fogging up while wearing a face mask?

The aggravation of having to deal with the pandemic and foggy glasses can take you to the edge. The need to keep on wiping them over and over again is frustrating but do you know why your glasses keep fogging up when you wear a face mask? Warm breath tends to escape and hit on your glasses which are cooler, therefore, making them fog up. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to keep the fog at bay. Firstly, get the ideal face masks with a nose pin that can put the breath away from the eye area. At Anek Handicraft, you get reusable face masks to fit your nose perfectly. Secondly, use soap and water to clean the lenses, since the soap will leave a thin film to act as a barrier against the warm air. Also, you can use your glasses or tape to secure the face mask. 

Order Customized Handmade Face Masks Only At Anek Handicraft

Anek Handicraft offers 100% pure Khadi Linen Handmade Masks along with various other varieties that provide high breathability. These 4-layered masks let you breathe fresh air with utmost comfort and no compromise on protection. Plus, they are gentle on your skin and ears. You can wash them again and again without deteriorating the quality and thickness of the cloth face mask material. 

What’s more, you can order customized face masks (in bulk) that are designed just for your face. We offer a variety of colors including beige, pink, purple, brown, green, blue, aqua blue, and more. Place your order today and feel the comfort level with our handmade face masks. To your pleasant surprise, you will receive your face masks in handmade jute pouches!

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