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Purely Indian Footwear Varieties Made For Women To Ace Any Occasion!

Anek Handicraft March 19, 2021 0 comments

What does your sense of fashion say about you? What does your dressing code signal to society? There are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself every time you are dressing. What we choose to wear influences our identity and emotions to society at large. For instance, think about the famous Harry Potter’s glasses or Cleopatra’s jewels. It is these little elements that influenced these characters. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that people judge you from the way you dress. 

A simple pair of shoes can break or make your outfit. Shoes play a big role in how people judge you, your moods and your personality. Therefore it is important to choose footwear that signals the right cues. For instance, what is your perception of a woman who is wearing Christian Louboutins? Your first instinct is that she is bold just like her red soles. 

Indian Ethnic Footwear 

The Indian fashion industry has been growing significantly over the past couple of years. It has gained international popularity in various industries ranging from clothing, footwear, and accessories. People around the globe are fascinated by Indian ethnic footwear. This is because the industry uses a plethora of designs, embroidery, techniques, and patterns. If you look at any ethnic shoe, the embellishments and designs are unique from any footwear.

There is a variety of Indian ethnic footwear which you will come across. Some of these include slippers, jutti, padukas, Kolhapuri chappals, and sandals. They come in a variety of colors, designs, embroidery, and embellishments. Thus, it is not hard to come across footwear for any kind of occasion. 

Types Of Sandals 

Sandals come in a variety of designs and shapes. The most popular designs include the toe ring slippers, v-shape straps, heels, and wedges. Ethnic footwear represents different cultures since it is crafted in a variety of regions. This skill was passed on from one generation to the next. However, due to western influence, you will come across ethnic footwear with a pinch of contemporary designs. Let’s explore some of the beautiful ethnic varieties of India. 

1. Kolhapuri chappals

The origin of Kolhapuri chappals dates back to the 12th century. King Bijjala and his Prime Minister, Basavanna, allowed for the crafting of these shoes to boost the cobbler community. In the past, the chappal was made from strong and hard leather. It was later tanned with vegetable dyes resulting in its evergreen color. However, in the modern-day, they are available in a variety of colors. Also, they have retained their original T-shape design but there are many contemporary designs to choose from. This ethnic footwear is a great choice for both a traditional Indian outfit and a modern one. 

2. Juttis 

Juttis are popular not only in India but the whole world. They gained fame because of the Maharanis and Maharajas. Although the crafting of this footwear was tedious, they were rich in design and embroidery. Traditionally, the shoes were crafted from pure leather while the embellishments were designed from pure gold and silver Zari threads. Moreover, their embroidery was full of precious stones and gems. You can find some of the great options in Punjabi juttis at Anek, and even get them customized if you order in bulk.


Nowadays, this ethnic footwear can be custom-made. At Anek Handicraft, you can get them in different colors, hues, and patterns.

3. Padukas

Padukas mean “Footprints of the gods.” This ethnic footwear was adorned by Buddhists, Jain, and Hindu saints. They were crafted traditionally from wood, silver, and ivory. Today, there is a variety of padukas with different western designs and patterns. 

4. Flat sandals 

The most popular form of flat sandals is the ones with a V-shape strap. They are not only comfortable but stylish too when embellished using Zari threads, fruits, and flowers. Finally, they also come encrusted with precious gems. They match well with both your Indian and contemporary attires.

Flat Sandals

Anek Handicraft – Home To A Diverse Collection Of Ethnic Footwear & Handmade Juttis 

Anek Handicraft offers ethnic footwear like Punjabi Juttis & Vegan Juttis of diverse patterns and colors. We offer both vegan and leather Juttis to suit your preference. 

In our collection, you will find women Juttis online made with the fusion of Indian and western culture and art. Plus, you will also come across Juttis that purely speak of the Indian traditional art. 

Whether you are comfortable wearing Juttis to the office or love to flaunt them during a special occasion, you’ll find every type in our collection. What’s more, every Jutti you buy from us comes packed in an elegant satin shoe bag of random color in a box. 

Go on and select your favorite pair that gives the feeling Cinderella had when her foot perfectly fit in the lost glass slipper!

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