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Different Ways in Which You Can Use Wooden Trays

Anek Handicraft January 7, 2021 0 comments

Are you looking for some amazing ways to decorate your interior? Did you know there are more effective ways to use your wooden tray? Wooden trays are priceless pieces of accessories that are timeless and can be anything you need them to be, not to mention how sophisticated they can make a room. Read on and find out how a single wooden tray can serve different purposes.

Wall décor

Wooden trays simply blend to walls painted in any color. The Anek wooden trays have the natural yellowish hue typical of the pinewood that gives them a magnificent contrast on the wall. These trays are especially triangular with beautiful patterns in the backdrop that makes them look like paintings if you hang them in your living room. The pieces are simple but exude a special kind of sophistication good enough to change the theme of your entire living room. Besides the color of the pinewood is neutral to match any patterns or colors of the furniture.

Depending on your preferences, you can get the white and black autumn, red and black floral, or the one with Zari motifs.  The trays have perfect cutouts that serve as handles and raised edges that amplify the elegance of the embroidered patterns in the backdrop.

Kitchen organizer

We all have those extremely essential but small units in the kitchen that get misplaced easily. A wooden tray comes in handy as the perfect solution to keep your salt shakers, spices, napkins, and cutleries. You can also use the Anek wooden trays to hold fruits on your dining table or to keep your countertop neat by holding all the essential units that might get scattered all over the counter.

The trays have raised edges to hold units securely to ensure they don’t topple and fall, causing spills and breakages. Besides, trays are easy to maintain as you only need to use a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

Platform for planters

If you are concerned about your floor getting scratches from your planters, worry no more. You can use your wooden tray to hold your planter and amplifier the exquisiteness of the pots.

The rustic color of Anek wooden trays gives your flowers or plants a natural look and keeps them looking fresh since wood does not absorb heat. For instance, the red and black floral anek tray would make a great platform for placing your planters in the house or near the entrance. Besides, the trays have cutouts that serve as handles that make it easier to move the planters around without risking dropping them due to poor gripping.

Portable coffee tables

Traditionally, we use trays for serving food and drinks. Trays are a convenient way of carrying food and drinks in the house when serving guests or family. Anek wooden trays are amazing and have very admirable dimensions that help you carry or hold a reasonable number of coffee cups. With one of these trays, you wouldn’t have to make extra trips to the kitchen to fetch coffee.

Additionally, you can use the trays to hold food or coffee when serving someone from the terrace, couch, or the balcony where there are no coffee tables available. The wooden trays are sturdy and have raised edges that prevent your drinks from toppling over and spilling.

Decorative tray

Anek trays are specially crafted with art and beauty in mind. These wooden trays have embroidered backdrops that have beautiful floral patterns. You can place your tray on the table and place a few flowers or accessories to brighten your living room. The trays are themselves works of art that blend perfectly with metallic, wooden, or glass tables.

How Anek Wooden Trays Are So Effective?

Anek Handcrafts is known for its intricate craftsmanship and top notch quality. Each wooden tray is made of Pinewood that is known for its durability and strength. More so, the wood is shock resistant which makes it an ideal fit for crafting such accessories.

With high quality wood and beautiful craft designed by tribal women, the product speaks of its authenticity.

Every product you see on our website is a pure beauty created by handicraft method.

Bring home a wooden tray and experience how it adds to the elegance of your space!

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