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Must-Have Women Punjabi Jutti In Your Wardrobe

Anek Handicraft May 24, 2021 0 comments

Punjabi Juttis are without a doubt one of the most popular footwear in India. They have been in existence since the time of the Maharajas and they are still valued today. We can say that a pair of women Punjabi Jutti is the stealers of the show in typically every festival. They are embroidered, threaded, beaded, and embellished in various colors such as red, pink, gold, yellow, and green making them perfect for all women. 

However, they are not only worn by women but also men. Although the footwear was mostly worn by royalty, they were revolutionized to be versatile. Currently, women Punjabi Jutti can be worn for any occasion such as a wedding, religious functions, and festivities. There is typically a Punjabi Jutti for every occasion. Also for a modern twist, they can be worn with jeans and suits. It all depends on your style. 

Did we mention that they are very comfortable? They are mostly slip-on but you have to choose the shoe size. 

Most Popular Women Punjabi Jutti

There are different brands of women Punjabi Jutti in India but Anek Handicraft stands out. Here is a look at our most-loved varieties that you can flaunt on any occasion.

1. Beige Bead-Embellished Punjabi Leather Jutti

Are you looking for a stylish leather Punjabi Jutti? Then Anek Handicraft has got your back. This footwear is hand-stitched with genuine Punjabi jutti leather. It makes up the inside of the shoe ensuring comfort at every step. The footwears are embellished with vibrant colors. The color and design are enough to make you stand out. To keep them spick and span, wipe the shoes with a dry cloth since water can damage them. This women Punjabi Jutti can make a difference in any outfit. 

Jutti Shoes

The perfect occasion to flaunt your footwear –  Wear it at a wedding and match it with a traditional dress.

2. Blissful Butterfly Punjabi Jutti 

This Punjabi jutti for women is a fun and beautiful pick. Also, having such versatile footwear which you can pair with formal or traditional attires is a plus. This handmade Punjabi Jutti has a white base that is full of florals and butterflies. It is a chic shoe that works with any outfit. Also, you are assured of comfort with this handmade product. 

Punjabi Juttis Online

The perfect occasion to flaunt your footwear – If you are going for a fun look, this Punjabi jutti would be a great choice for a party paired with a western outfit. 

3. Stripe Pattern Casual Handmade Jutti

You will need a lot of confidence and creativity to pull off this footwear especially with a western outfit. A Punjabi jutti with western attire? Yes, with these particular shoes, you can pull off any western outfit excellently. With the blue and white stripes, you can match this women Punjabi jutti pair with cute jeans or a maxi dress.

Juttis For Women

The perfect occasion to flaunt your footwear – Wear these shoes when you are out for a walk or hanging out with friends on the weekend.

4.Teal-Green Multicolored Floral Indian Jutti

Floral prints never go out of style. And this pair of women Punjabi jutti will add color and class to your outfit. You can pair the footwear with traditional or modern attire. 

We know one thing is for sure, this handcrafted leather Punjabi jutti will become the focal point of your outfit. The inside is made to give you maximum comfort. 

Floral Punjabi Juttis

The perfect occasion to flaunt your footwear – Wear them at a wedding or any other festivities.

5. White-Gold Multicolored Leather Jutti

If you are looking to add a classic look to your outfit then this handmade footwear is what you need. It has a white-gold background with multicolored florals. Since it has rich colors it is a good idea to wear shoes with more neutral clothes. 

Women Punjabi Jutti

The perfect occasion to flaunt your footwear – Wear this shoe at a religious function. 

Types of Juttis Available At Anek Handicraft 

If you have a penchant for original leather juttis, Anek Handicrafts offers a variety of designs deeply crafted by local artisans of India. Every pick reflects a sense of royalism and elegance. 

On the other hand, if you love pure vegan juttis, we have them too. Just like leather versions, vegan Punjabi juttis are amazing in look, feel and style. 

Choose any Punjabi Jutti for women at our store and rest assured that your choice is durable – and the best. 

Punjabi juttis make every event, festival, or any other Indian function extra special. 

In fact, Anek Handicraft gives you the chance to design your own personalized gifts in the form of custom juttis. We take orders of a minimum of 6 to 8 pairs. 

So why not go for theme-based juttis for a wedding in your family!  

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