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About Us

Anything that's handmade is wrapped in, and blessed with eternal love.


From the Trunk to the Internet

It all started with a few threads, needles, and a trunk filled with nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from his aunt's lovingly sewn dolls, Anuj wanted to reserve a small space on the Internet for all things handmade. It didn't take long for his wife, Ekta, to jump in with her passion for designing Indian handicrafts. Since then, the Mahatmas have been stitching Anek with the same threads of love, growing into a strong community of compassionate, hardworking artisans.


Hands of Love

The Udaipur-based duo ties up with artisans from NGOs and underprivileged backgrounds, who bring the spirit of traditional craftsmanship alive. From their hands to yours, every product gets a story of its own. Which is why, everything on Anek is unique, and is a labour of love and warmth.


Breaking into the New

With creativity and inspiration working round the clock, there's no room for innovation to take a break. Picking up on designing with a purpose, Anek recently introduced vegan Punjabi juttis, diaries, and face masks with uber cool motifs. And that's what truly makes them statement pieces.