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7 Simple Ways for a Creative Home Makeover with Cushion Covers

Anek Handicraft April 1, 2021 0 comments

Dull, outdated, lackluster home decor?
Obviously No!
Colorful, vibrant, stylish home decor?
A big ‘Yes’!
The Cushion decor has all these characters and has the maximum potential to upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your home quickly and effortlessly. The cushion covers are the easiest way to update the decor of your home when rightly placed and within the budget too.  Whether it be your living room decor or bedroom decor, cushions always play an important role in adding that sophisticated appeal to your abode.  

After reading this, we are definite that the creative juices will start flowing in your mind. Therefore, before adding any cushion decor accessory to your cart, check out these simple and hot tips from our design expert professionals to lead a decorative and perfect home for you. 

Let’s get started. 

Think of the Existing Interiors Aesthetics

Cushion covers may appear a small decor accessory but still, they completely change the overall tone and mood of your room. Hence, while choosing the cushion covers for a perfect room makeover, consider the aesthetics of existing interiors like wall colors, furniture, curtains, etc. For instance, if you already have a bright-colored decor and the place receives an ample amount of sunlight, then choose darker tones of cushion covers like Printed Cotton Cushion Cover and Tie Dye Pattern Cushion Cover. Nevertheless, if you have a space crunch and don’t receive much light, then good to go with lively and floral patterns of cushion covers like Floral Cotton Cushion Cover and Printed Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover

Floral Cushion Cover

Consider Seasonal Cushion Decor

Your home must reflect the vibes of every season. Therefore, choose the cushion decor that matches the theme of every occasion,  festive season, or any other seasonal change. For instance, natural fabrics like floral patterns, bright and lively cushion covers are best for the summer season. While silk, velvet, etc. and darker tones of cushion covers are perfect to create warmth and coziness in the winter season. 

The Number Does Matter

The way you arrange the cushions is vital for a perfect home makeover. If you have a traditional theme of decor, then go for an even number of cushions.  While for contemporary and modern appeal, go ahead with an odd number of cushions. However, if you talk about sofa pillows, then arrange two big cushions on both ends, then place two small pillows next to them, so that they can overlap slightly. Then, arrange three or four pillows according to the size of the sofa, in the middle to connect the line of cushions and say voila to the arrangement.

Don’t go with Matchy-Matchy Approach 

Cushions are a versatile element and you can experiment with them as per your creativity and fun. Hence, the cushion covers of the same, boring colors give the sofa or bed furniture an unappealing look. So, pop up with different colors and shades that complement the rest of your room.  Trust us, it will instantly offer a refreshing feel to your interiors. 

Infuse Texture & Prints 

With cushion covers, you can introduce attractive textures and prints to your room decor as per your personality. It is one of the effective yet subtle ways to experiment with the decoration of your home. You can use metallic shades of cushion covers for a luxurious feel like the Satin/Silk Golden Geometric Print Cushion Cover. Even in a children’s room, you can bring playful prints of cushion covers. 

Cushion Decor

Arranging Cushions

Thinking of going the traditional route? Well, you can place either one or two sets of matching cushions at each end. For a modern and eclectic look, mix the cushion covers. If you are not sure about styling, stick to 3 to 5 cushions in different arrangements. Place a cushion with 2-3 of the colors from your choice in the center and surround that with the other colors. Have fun trying different combinations as after all it’s your nest and it should reflect your personality. 

Add on to the Cushions

In addition to getting our Line Print Cotton Cushion Cover, Printed Satin/Silk Cushion Cover, or any other, our expert designer suggests also placing rugs that will surely complement your arrangement and add a zing to the existing cushion decor. 

Printed Cushion Cover

Your Existing Cushions Need a Makeover

In the end, if you love to decorate your home creatively, then cushion decor can be your canvas. You can also revamp your old cushions in a new artistic way to create a twist in the decor. In this way, you can restyle your decor without spending a penny! 

Anek Handicraft- Give a New Life To Your Home with Modish Range of Cushion Decor 

So, are you ready to mix-up the cushion decor in a stylish way? Then, revive that spark by shopping from Anek Handicraft. We provide a wide assortment of fabric cushion covers of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you want to bring a lively flowery pattern into your home or create a cozy corner, you will find all sorts of cushion decor under one roof. 

Squiz to our latest collection now and shop to bring a new life to your decor again! 

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