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5 Creative Types of Handmade Journals You Must Know Of

Anek Handicraft April 21, 2021 0 comments

Do you know that Benjamin Franklin used to begin each day by asking himself, “What can I do well today?” Then, he wrote those things in his diary or journal. After the end of the day, he would then review each of his goals, ending with a note of how he could improve on the things he didn’t do so well. Not only this, all his scientific research is hand-written confirming what he knew. Without diaries or journals, we wouldn’t know much about beautiful historical things. Although people are used to writing and reading digital journals from the time of the 21st Century and in the demanding digital era. Still, there are some people who like to pen down things, who understand the importance of handmade journals, and would love to shop for them. 

Therefore, this blog is dedicated to the types of handmade journals you must know and that you must keep in your life. So, don’t wait for anyone. And dive into these 5 creative types of handmade journals exclusively available at Anek Handicraft. 

1. Garden Journal 

If you are owning a personal garden at your home, then you are aware of the significance of how well to keep a record of certain factors such as weather conditions, soil changes, which seeds are planted, how much watering is required, and so on. All this information is necessary to keep recorded and valuable to help you sow your seeds in a better way. Therefore, Anek has brought you nature-inspired handmade journals crafted of fine quality with utmost precision and are tree-free. For example, Multicolour Leaf Printed Vegan Diary, Maple leaf – Diary with Lavender Leather cover and crystals, and many more in our collection. 

Multicolor Vegan Diary

2. Everyday Journal

Many people like to jot down their everyday notes in the journal. Some like to glue and tape their little mementos and memories in their journal. Then, here is the blank canvas for them to paint in their own creative ways. We offer handmade journals, which are made without harming trees and are made to use in our everyday life. For instance, Printed Black Vegan Diary, Love – Handmade Paper Diary with Teal Green Leather cover and crystals, etc. 

Blue Diary Journal

3. Commonplace Journal

Do you remember your school notebooks? Do you remember how we compiled our notes in that? If yes, we are sure enough that after reading this, the nostalgic emotions have run through in your minds and hearts.  To keep those same feelings alive, here we brought some commonplace handmade journals for you that you must keep with you as always. This is the journal that helps to keep all your records, lessons that you don’t want to forget for any reason. For example, Yellow Printed Vegan Diary, Blue Vegan Diary, etc. 

Printed Vegan Diary

4. Pet Journal

This handmade journal is best suited for people who are pet lovers and like to record their pets’ journey. So, here is a piece of a personalized gift perfect for all pet lovers. Pet lover – Handmade Paper diary with Yellow Leather cover and crystals, is a popular choice from among the collection. 

Yellow Pet Lovers' Diary

5. Recipe Book 

A handmade journal in the form of a recipe book is something that must keep a collection of your favorite recipes. The ones which you turn to cook your favorite recipes over and over again. It could be anything, from your favorite pizza dough recipe to grandma’s sugar cookies, you can record all in these handmade notebooks. So, to make it happen, Anek offers you a number of spoilt choices. For instance, Traditional Print Vegan Diary, Yellow Printed Vegan Diary, and many more. 

Handmade Journals

Anek Handicraft – Try Your Hands on the Best-Quality Handmade Journals Today! 

Anek’s every product portrays some unique story and has, therefore, crafted all the products with utmost perfection, tied up with warmth and love. We have every variety of handmade journals suited to your requirements and budget.  Whether you’re looking for some of the best leather diaries, embellished with genuine Swarovski® crystals, or vegan diaries, we’ve got you covered. Leather journals are a very durable and flexible material, which will indeed be your BFF whereas, for the environment savvy, we have tree-free handmade journals in amazing styles and patterns. So, whom are you waiting for? Book your new journal now and avail of our exciting discounts and offers! 

Have a blissful shopping experience with us! 

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